Walkin’ & Wheelin’ Week


2018 Walking and Wheeling Week is May 7th – 11th with the 3rd Annual Free Bike Checks at the school bike racks.

Bradford PTA, the Ken Caryl Trail Club, and two local bike shops (RaceCo Tune and Pedal) as well as Scott and
Cannondale Bikes are pleased to host the 3rd Annual Walking and Wheeling week.

Free Bike Checks at both, the North
and South campus bike racks starting at 3:30pm.

Each morning at 8:40am, the kiddos receive stickers and can put their names in the raffle boxes for prizes, and after
school each day, they will have a chance to get their bike checked for free for maintenance and safety.

Walking and Wheeling is a strategic annual event designed to get people out walking and on their bikes for
transportation to school, serving as a catalyst teaching our kiddos how to use this as an alternative way to get to school
on a consistent basis.
Do you and your kids rely on your bikes and want to make sure they are efficient and safe? This event allows our
community to dust off the cobwebs and give our bikes some TLC at one of our free bike-check stations.
Our volunteers will look at your bike and make minor adjustments in order to keep you safer on the road. They can also
offer a wide range of advice and information. These are basic safety checks and if a major problem is found we will
recommend the work at a local bike shop.
Items our volunteers will be checking: Overall safety inspection, cleaning & lubrication; proper tire pressure, flat repair,
proper seat adjustment, brake and headset adjustment and overall adjustment for proper fit.
Hope to see you and your family out during this week riding or walking to school. This event is for kids and adults bikes.
SAFE Wheeling and Walking TIPS
• Always wear a helmet when on bikes/scooters.
• Always signal when riding on the road.
• Be alert and stop at all stop signs and traffic lights.
• Make eye contact with drivers.
• Leave room for right-turning vehicles when stopped at a red light.
• Be visible! Wear bright colors during the day and white or reflective clothing at night.
• Cross railroad tracks perpendicularly to prevent catching a wheel and falling.
• Give an audible signal when you pass a pedestrian or someone traveling more slowly than you are, whether you
are on the street or a path.
• Respect and be considerate of other road, path and trail users.

Volunteers are needed for morning and afternoon shifts
at both campuses.

• A.M. Shift – Hand out stickers and enter kids into the raffle  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0d4fadad23a0fe3-bradford
• P.M. Shift – Bike check (experience required)  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0b44a5a82aa1ff2-walking