Book Clubs (Pri & Int)

We offer two different book clubs at Bradford.  The first is a parent led book club called Jr. Great Books (for Grades K-4). It is offered at the South Campus during the lunch/recess hour, approximately every 4 weeks during the school year.  Jr. Great Books is a national program with an established series of books that the children read stories from.  Parents are needed to lead small class groups for this program.

At the North Campus, we offer the Battle of the Books (BOB) program.  The kids get a list of books to choose from and then compete on teams to test their knowledge of the books in the Spring.  Additional details of the program, along with this year’s book list, can be found listed below.

If you are interested, please contact the Committee Chairs listed under Your PTA.

Welcome Battle of the Books Families!!

We are so excited to kick off the school year. Please be sure you have registered on the PTA website or sent in your registration form and $10 check prior to attending the meeting.


Our biggest goal over the next few months is to encourage your kids to read as much as they can!  Use the book list to read as many books as possible to become a stronger reader AND develop stronger reading skills.

Battles will test the kids skills in remembering information from the books and tying it to the book’s author and title.  We will use fun games in our meetings (and you can at home?) to help build the kid’s skills at memorizing a book’s author and title as it relates to key characters, plot and information from each book.

We would like each child to set a goal of how many books they would like to read from our list of 30 pre set books.  We ask for a minimum of 7. If a child has already read a book from the list, we ask that they NOT include it in their goals.  One of the objectives is to read new books. Having already read a book from the list will help their team in the final battle, but we encourage the children to read books they haven’t read yet.



We will have a list of the books with plot summaries, if you’re interested. If you child is having trouble selecting their next book, take a look at these summaries to see what might be interesting to them. If you can quiz your children by matching up the Title and Author, they will be better prepared. Even if they don’t read that particular book, they may be able to help a teammate with the Title/Author combo and earn more points for their team.

Mrs. O’Leary has set up a kiosk at the front of the library with easy access to the books on the list. Please continue to encourage your kids to keep reading. They need to have read at least 7 from the list in order to participate in the final battle in May. We’ve attached a short “memory jogger” sheet that the kids can use to help them remember the books they’ve read. Just a few notes about the details from the book can really help them remember the information for the battle.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.